Get your garden growing this winter with these three top plants!

Get your garden growing this winter with these three top plants!
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Despite the frosty weather, there are things that you can do today to get your garden springtime-ready. Winter is a beautifully unique season that brings with it a variety of plants that you can include to have a thriving winter garden.
As a tenant who isn’t in charge of their lawn, it can be stressful to see its upkeep fall by the wayside, even through the winter. SO many ugly weeds are incredibly cold-hardy and will take over your lawns and garden spaces if you give them the chance. It’s time to pull on those gardening gloves, grab your rakes, and get ready to make your garden flourish over these frigid winter months! Here are the top three plants that you can include in your winter garden.

1. Daffodils

Daffodils look like bursts of sunshine themselves against the stark white of freshly fallen snow. Although the flowers look delicate, they are actually one of the hardiest plants that can withstand the chilly temperatures of the season. In fact, daffodils are often the first outdoor flower to show up as winter ends. They’re very easy to plant — you can toss their bulbs in the ground right now and await their arrival! These handy little bulbs serve as a reminder that beauty can come from even the most barren of seasons. They’re sure to make you smile all winter long!

2. Cabbage

A cabbage a day can keep the doctor away! No, really! This awesome plant is a high-powered superfood that is packed with Vitamin C. It also has a high level of other vitamins, magnesium, and iron, which might be just what you or your tenants need to break your sugar slump after all the cookies and cakes of the holiday season. You can enjoy cabbages year-round, and their best planting season is in the winter months. These plants can withstand wild weather changes — even well-below freezing!

3. Carrots

Spice up your soup with sweet, earthy carrots! Carrots are the perfect third addition to this list because they provide a little something different from the first two options. Fresh carrots are unbeatable snacks that taste of the zing of spring. These are delicious sliced into sticks and dipped with hummus, ranch dressing or any other variety of your favorite veggie dips!
They’re also incredibly nutrient-dense. For such a mild and slightly sweet vegetable, carrots bring a LOT to the table in terms of making your body feel like it runs its best through the cold months. Carrots provide Vitamin C, just like cabbage does. You can plant both and make a delicious, flu-fighting soup — perfect for the winter months!

Denver Metro Area is bursting with small nurseries and gardening shops that are ready to help take your winter garden to the next level. You can grow beautiful blooms and support a local business — what better way to ring in the New Year? Below are some local shops that you can shop to find your next addition:

Suit up, stay warm, and happy planting!