Make your resolutions a reality all year long with these tips!

Make your resolutions a reality all year long with these tips!
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“New year, new me…” Right? Well, that’s how it’s supposed to be, but then we wake up on Jan. 1 and just want to stay in bed. If this is you, you aren’t alone by any means. It can be incredibly difficult to just jump right into a new lifestyle, especially after you spend a couple of weeks lavishing in the holidays. We get it…that’s why we want to help you get on your feet and start right for New Year’s 2022. Read on for three top tips you can use to reach your goals this year!

  1. Write your own story of success

Success looks different for everyone. It can feel overwhelming to assign the expectation that at the first of the year, you’ll jump out of bed and be prepared to seize your day. For many, our lists look like working out daily, cooking clean, healthy meals every night and being flawless at journaling, reading and more. This seems impossible just typing this! In order to be successful in your resolutions, you have to make the mindset shift and take it on a day by day basis. We’ll touch on this more below!

However, If you’re someone who loves the symbolism of the new year to make changes to your life, we want to suggest using the first month of the new year as the transitional period. Have your resolutions and use the month to figure out how to make them work for you by February. Or, if you need help learning where to start or how to keep them, contact a professional in the Denver Metro Area area!

  1. What’s the smallest goal that you can set?

If you want to be successful, consider challenging yourself with goal setting in the other direction. Rather than setting sky-high goals, consider setting smaller goals that won’t burn you out quickly. This can be extremely effective in creating long-term success for yourself. Maybe for you it could look like drinking enough water for four days out of seven in a week, or reading a single book a week to knock down that “to be read” list. In either case, you can find community support in your area to help give you accountability and meet your goals! There are plenty of book clubs in your area, and services that can connect you to locals who can help.

  1. Keep your lists short and effective

It’s time to ditch the laundry-list of resolutions. There are a million ways one can improve their lives and expecting yourself to adopt all of them over the course of one month is just silly. Our suggestion is to pick the one resolution that you think may be able to lead you into the other resolutions gradually and start with that one.

After you do this, prioritize and order your goals to determine which ones you’ll meet first. Use this to get strategic! For example, journaling and jogging are tasks that take away time in your life, whether it be for good or not. But, getting up every day gives you more time in the day to accomplish tasks. If you can become accustomed to waking up early on a daily basis, you might be able to then add jogging or journaling to your morning routine!

No matter what your lists look like, we want to take a moment and wish you the happiest of holiday seasons from PMI Aspire! We hope that this list helps you to smash your goals as we ring in a fresh start with the new year.