Six ways to attract high quality tenants

Six ways to attract high quality tenants
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Thinking about turning your Centennial area home into a short-term rental income property? Your property can provide an easy way for you to earn income that covers the ongoing costs of property ownership and maintenance. Property rental is evolving into a popular passive income stream that can earn you thousands per month. Quality rental homes are in high demand in these areas:

  • Centennial
  • Highlands Ranch
  • Littleton
  • Denver
  • Englewood
  • Lone Tree
  • Ken Caryl
  • Denver Metro Area
  • Cherry Creek

Now that you’ve decided to rent your property out, it’s likely that you’re wondering: How do you attract the quality tenants? And how do you help differentiate your property? Well, we’ve compiled a list of the top six ways to attract amazing tenants to your property, and how to set your property apart form the rest.

  1. Maintain curb appeal. If your tenant’s first encounter with your property was one where it was beautifully presented, they are likely to treat it respectfully. You can take several steps to make sure your property looks nice online and in person. It may sound simple, but a clean and freshly painted front door or porch area, home signage around the house, a welcome mat or festive seasonal wreath, flowers, a well-kept garden and attractive outdoor lighting all set the stage for a successful landlord-renter relationship. Your goal is for prospective renters to see an attractive-looking and well-maintained property that they will want to occupy.
  2. Ensure all safety devices are working properly. An ideal tenant is going to pay attention to locks, smoke detectors and other safety items such as alarm systems or special locks on your windows or doors. It’s important to them and it should be important to you. Safety is a priority to avoid a strain on the tenant/landlord relationship. Double check that any security measures, such as motion-activated lighting, or alarm systems, are working as they should. You should test these regularly and partner with your tenant to make sure that safety is the number one priority.
  3. Keep up with all repairs and maintenance. You need to make sure that your home is well-maintained and up-to-date on all repairs. No tenant wants to live in a home with cabinets that don’t shut properly, a squeaky door, or a bathroom sink that runs, also running up the water bill. If you need a repair service for your property, consider reaching out. We can help with a wide range of critical maintenance tasks.
  4. Inform them of area amenities and things to do. A high-quality tenant is likely interested in your community as a whole and the area in which you live. They’ll want to be involved in activities and are generally curious about what they can do in the beautiful Centennial area. If they are new to the community and/or neighborhood, provide them with the information they can use to settle in. This may include community hot spots, the best places to get takeout from, or other hidden gems in the Centennial community.
  5. Be openly communicative. This starts with a well-written advertisement, which includes everything your home offers, and continues through a tenant’s stay in your home. Market your property accurately, while putting it in the best light possible for the possible tenants. Avoid potential overselling. A tenant wants to know that they can rely on open communication and honesty. We can market your investment property for you, honestly and effectively.
  6. Be detail-oriented. Have you ever lived in a home that had a lot of small things that weren’t right? Annoying, isn’t it? That’s why partnering with PMI Centennial is such a great way to go. We can help with some or all the details required to successfully manage an investment property.

Becoming a landlord and managing a rental property can be overwhelming. Working with a skilled Centennial residential property manager can help make that job easier and save you a lot of time and money. We help you comply with local, state and federal requirements for landlords and simplify your rental process. We assist with the ever-important tasks of marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance and financial reporting.

With PMI Centennial, you get a full team of skilled professionals with the expertise to provide you with the highest level of service and the maximum return on your investment. We’re focused on your and your investment and providing the very best service to help your real estate venture succeed.