Stay Warm All Winter Long with These Three Tips

Stay Warm All Winter Long with These Three Tips
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Landlords have a responsibility to keep their renters warm and happy during the winter months. Although this is required, this can be a costly and difficult process to take on. The rewards far outweigh the risks, as poorly done insulation attempts and cold tenants don’t make for a positive rental experience! We have compiled the top three tips that you can use this winter to keep your renter happy — and your home safe from the elements. Read on to learn how you can put money back into your pocket…starting today!

  1. Make door drafts a thing of the past

One of the worst culprits when it comes to stealing your heated air is an unavoidable part of your home — the door. Cold air leaches in and can be sucking the heated air out through poorly insulated seams, costing you hundreds in the process! Not to mention that these loose seams and high door clearances are the perfect invitations for any pests who are looking for a break from the cold.

Good news, though! There are so many easy ways to keep this from happening. You or your tenants can buy pre-made draft stoppers that stick to the bottom of the door. If you don’t have the funds or the stuff in stock, you can take a DIY approach and use your old socks! That’s right, socks can be stuffed to make a cute door snake, or you can even just shove a towel at the base of the door. If you own an apartment building or multiple residences, ensure that your renters know what is safe to use on the doors. Adhesives on pre-made door snakes can leave behind a persistent residue that can eat away at your paint, so be sure to choose a safer solution. As a landlord with an apartment building, make sure you’re keeping draft stoppers at the base of each door that leads outside! As a landlord with a house, suggest draft stoppers (DIY or otherwise) to your tenants and make sure they know that it may help to keep their bill lower!

  1. Insulate windows

As much as we love big widows where lots of natural light can shine through, it is important to know that windows act as large weak spots in the insulation of your home. the glass in your windows can get incredibly cold with the temperature outside and make it hard to keep the areas around them warm! There are so many ways to insulate windows and some are prettier than others, but they all will help to keep properties warmer. You might consider using decorative window clings. These often serve dual purpose and can effectively coat your windows, giving you that insulation boost you need to really feel the difference.

Perhaps the easiest fix, though, is adding or replacing the curtains on a window! Blackout curtains aren’t just good for keeping the sun out of a room— they’re also great insulators. Blackout curtains are great because your tenants can open the curtains and let the sunshine through and warm their home, and then when night comes they can shut the curtains and keep that daytime heat all night long!

  1. Steal the sunlight

No matter how cold it is (or how dark it might get during the daytime), you can enjoy the sun’s rays as a suitable alternative insulation method. You can do this inconspicuously with the underside of your roof’s overhang. Simply take regular tinfoil that you’d find in your kitchen and fold it under the side. The sun will refract off of the foil and create a makeshift zone of insulation that can help stop warm air leaks in their tracks.

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