Three ways to upgrade your rental property for spring

Three ways to upgrade your rental property for spring
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Landlords, we know if you have an empty property, you’re always doing your best to spruce it up so that it might catch the eye of a potential renter. However, we also know that sometimes it can be difficult to find the time or the funds to do that, especially if you own and rent out multiple properties! Plus, if you do make the time, it can be difficult to know what to do, because you want to make sure any changes you make to your property are in the interest of attracting renters, not sending them away.

It may seem difficult — but it doesn’t have to be! Below, we’ve compiled three top DIY projects you can do to spruce up your rental properties that are all made of 2x4s and tools that you can find around the house.

  1. Simple outdoor bench

Make your patio, garden or backyard just a little more charming with a gorgeous minimalistic-inspired outdoor bench construction. This is an easy way to bring a touch of elegance to your space and add dynamic structural flow to your outdoor space, which can add instant value and benefit for your renters. Beyond the visual aspects of the construction, it also offers great utility. This is especially true if your tenant enjoys gardening! Be sure to reinforce your bench with adequate supports for a safe structure.

  1. Window seat

Nothing is cozier than a piece of furniture made to fit precisely into a specific place. When placed in front of a cozy kitchen or bedroom window, even the most basic bench made of only 2x4s can become a magical little window nook where a potential renter can picture themselves sitting, reading, and relaxing. These types of homey touches can make the difference between a rental property that just feels like another rental property and one that feels like home. To make sure your 2×4 window bench is giving its best cozy window nook illusion, make sure the bench is the exact length and height of the window so that it looks like it’s a fixture of the wall. You could also paint the bench the same color as the wall to enhance that effect.

  1. Entryway (and every day) shelves

There’s nothing that’s as homey as an entryway shelf. These shelves are underrated and so useful for any type of renter needed. You can choose to install one or multiple at key locations around the house where your tenant may need just a bit more storage. Common places to find these are by front and back entry and exit doors, bathroom doors and bedroom doors. These catch-alls are very versatile and offer a great instant upgrade to your home, giving renters a place to put belongings, keys, wallets and any other items in a safe spot off of the floor. This is especially great for those with pets or toddlers who could eat, trample or otherwise disturb items, and offer the tenant a customizable option to enjoy added utility in the home.

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