Top tips for holiday fun in Denver

Top tips for holiday fun in Denver
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The holidays bring so many memories flooding back — making snowmen, stringing lights and enjoying the events of the holiday season with your loved ones. Winter is beautiful and family time is irreplaceable. However, sometimes, you just want to get out of the house for a while. We’ve been there, too! So, we’ve compiled a list of fun holiday adventures in the Denver area that can deliver irreplaceable holiday memories.

Soak in the glittering lights

One of our favorite things to do each year is to take a walk through the thousands of twinkling holiday bulbs at the Blossoms of Light holiday event at Denver Botanic Gardens in Denver, Colorado. This event exposes the beauty of the season and runs from Nov. 19, 2021 to Jan. 8, 2022. Pre-purchased tickets with arrival times are required. Go to the Denver Botanic Gardens official website for more information on current COVID restrictions, and for tickets.

Get out and letterbox

Everybody loves a gift around the holidays! Have you heard about letterboxing? Letterboxing is a fun activity that involves finding small, weatherproof boxes hidden in publicly accessible places (such as public parks). Snow and rain won’t disrupt this activity! Clues are posted online on various letterboxing websites. The best part? No map skills are needed! Dozens of letterboxes have been hidden throughout Denver and other cities nationwide. Just go to this link and search by city to find a list of boxes in your area and to print out a list of clues for each box. Once you’ve found a few boxes, try adding a surprise in your own little hiding spaces, and create a fun set of clues for friends and family to join in the fun!

Stroll through a museum

If the weather outside is frightening, don’t let that get you down! Go immerse yourself in the arts at the Denver Art Museum! The museum hosts seven floors of beautifully created cultural and architecturally-based art, showing beautiful iterations of ancient-to-modern day sculptures, paintings and graphic offerings. The location is closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but open on weekdays and weekends to give you a great outdoor activity option for the entire family!

Scavenge on a scavenger hunt

Enjoy the brisk winter weather and get outside for a good old fashioned scavenger hunt! You may think scavenger hunts are a spring or summertime activity, but going on a hunt in the winter months offers a different type of fun! Try a neighborhood scavenger hunt or any of the other fun ideas on this list. Dive in to the winter fun, and plan an afterparty! Get inside, get warm and enjoy some delicious cider and snacks around the glittering tree!

Explore outdoors (in any fashion!)

Whether it’s in your neighborhood, in a local park or on a nearby trail in the Denver area, the great outdoors can offer the peace that you’re looking for this holiday season! You don’t have to go far — sometimes the best sites are close to home. You could see a lot of sights and sounds of the season during just a stroll through your neighborhood.

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